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4 Reasons Why Cheap Fitness Classes Aren’t Worth It

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

If you've walked through the Flatiron District or Chelsea in Manhattan, then it's hard to miss all of the fitness studios on virtually every block. In fact, there are over two dozen boutique and large brand fitness class studios in what has more recently become casually labeled the "Fit-Iron" district.

Many of the classes can be fun, inspiring and inexpensive, especially with the growth of class pass. But it's important to keep in mind that many of these cheap fitness classes have their limitations in terms of what they can offer. Here are four reasons why cheap fitness classes may not be worth it for you, depending on your fitness goals and experience.

First, cheap fitness classes don’t give you individual attention. There are some classes that pack 30 or 40 people into a room with only one instructor. While this enables them to charge less for a class, it also prevents any meaningful attention to detail. The instructor is focussed on managing the energy, music, flow and choreography rather than helping any particular person correct his or her form.

This may not be an issue for many of the participants but for others it can lead to poor technique. Poor technique can increase injury risk and make the exercises less effective.

Second, often times cheap group fitness classes don’t get results you might expect. The reasons may be that the classes you choose might not be the right ones for your specific fitness goals. The physiology of exercise is very specific, meaning you need to do the right exercises and workouts to get the results you are looking for. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and get toned, then doing spin classes can impede that if all you are doing is burning calories while not doing any kind of strength training.

Third, there's no accountability. It's easy to cheat your way through. Just showing up isn't enough. but often times people think it is. Whereas when working out with a personal trainer there is accountability for both the personal trainer and for the client, that does not exist in a group fitness class setting in which a person can hide in the back of the classroom without really pushing it.

Forth, group fitness classes might not actually be so cheap after all. While cheap exercise classes might feel like they save you money, the collective cost might not be as cheap and cost-saving as you think. While working out with a personal trainer surely will cost more per workout, chances are you'l get more out of each session than you will from a class, not only during the workout itself but also by getting real guidance on your overall program and approach. So while working with a trainer might cost as much as taking two or three or even four classes, your dollars will go much further.


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