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About Us is dedicated to connecting New Yorkers with the highest quality personal trainers New York City has to offer. We believe every individual is unique and the way you train should be just as individualized as you are. There are so many trainers in New York, so here we connect you with only the best, certified and licensed trainers.

Our physical health is important, so there should never be a one size fits all approach to fitness. trainers each carry with them unique specialties, including sports performance, marathon training, healthy weight loss, body toning, prenatal/postnatal, corrective exercise, post injury movement and strength training, and so much more. With the right personal attention, anyone can take their fitness to the next level and achieve the results and goals you want.

What People Say about Our Trainers

“My wife and I began personal training sessions with our matched trainer to further help my low back and to help us prepare for a big hiking trip. The training has been fun and has significantly helped my low back issues. It wasn’t until I started doing the exercises he taught me that I really turned the corner with my lower back. The cardiovascular, balance and strength training program he had us on leading up to the hiking trip made a big difference on the trails! His expertise in personal training and injury recovery is well beyond what we’ve seen from other trainers in NYC."

- Marc

"My trainer's understanding of the human body helps make her an incredible trainer. In the time I've worked with her, I've made significant progress in gaining strength and flexibility to improve my dancing while remaining healthy and pain-free. She truly cares and the results show it!"

“I am constantly pushing myself physically and straining muscles so I needed a trainer who could help me balance this issue. His ability to trace where my problems stem from, and then fix them, was impressive. My only problem now is that I no longer live in New York. So, I can no longer see him. Plus, other personal trainers pale in comparison. It was the perfect match and I miss it."

- Laura

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