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Finding A Great Personal Trainer in NYC [More Complicated Than You Think]

Seeking a great certified personal trainer in New York City is difficult, you could be up for a real challenge.

With just about anyone having the ability of becoming a personal trainer it can greatly complicate the search as there are more personal trainers per square mile in this city than anywhere else in the country. Let’s face it, NYC is vast and the seemingly endless options can overwhelm you when searching for a qualified personal trainer. With a bit of guidance, it is possible to track down an amazing certified personal trainer that’s a great fit for you!

If you have a goal of getting into better shape and leading a healthier lifestyle with effective and professional instruction here are four important factors to consider when looking for a great personal trainer that produces results in New York City:

1) Make Sure They are Certified

It is essential your fitness professional is certified in personal training. This will not only help you maintain a piece of mind, but will also pay off in the long run as uncertified trainers are generally inexperienced and lack basic fitness knowledge, which can contribute to dangerous and unhealthy training conditions. While you might be looking for a quick fitness fix, a highly certified professional will help you get to your goals safely and within a realistic time frame.

Trainers that are certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Academy of Sports Medicine (ACM), or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) have proven track records of basic fitness knowledge. Accreditation from these organizations will help distinguish higher quality personal trainers vs. average or worse, which can lead to unfulfilling workouts, limited results, or worst case scenario: personal injury.

Before you agree to working with a qualified fitness professional it is highly recommended you make sure they are certified. Feel free to ask for their credentials and client references. If they are currently certified by the NSCA, ACM, or NASM you are off to a good start in your search for a great personal trainer in New York City.

Sites like Fitness.NYC have already selected only the most qualified trainers.

2) Know how to communicate your goals

You might want to train for a race, fit into an outfit for a special event in three months time, recover from an injury, or generally “get fit” to feel better overall. No matter what your goals are it’s important your selected fitness coach understands your objective in full.

It’s easy to think a personal trainer can apply one workout routine to many of its clients, but the truth is each person is unique. Due to your personal fitness level, lifestyle, genetics, and ultimately your desired goals, a tailored plan will be required to produce noticeable results. When communicating with your trainer it’s best to be transparent about your fitness experience, diet, and goals as this information will help your qualified personal coach with customizing an effective workout program specifically for you.

3) Trainer should fully understand what you need

While it is important your qualified fitness professional is certified by reputable organizations such as NSCA, ACM, or NASM, it is also very import your trainer understands your fitness needs as a client.

An experienced, certified personal trainer will be able to listen to your goals, ask the right questions, and produce a tailored plan to put you on track to your desired end results. While a good trainer may revise this plan based on your performance and early results, only a great certified personal trainer will know how to fine tune the changes within your workouts, diet, and lifestyle that need to take place for you to reach your fitness goals.

Many great certified personal trainers can assist in producing results in most clients, while some trainers are highly specialized or have more experience. If you are looking to train for a triathlon or a specific competition you may require a specialized trainer that can help you focus on obtaining the edge you need for your event. For this reason, it is helpful for the personal coach you are working with to truly understand your fitness goals.

4) Be aware of the commitment it will take

Finding your excellent personal trainer, communicating your objectives, establishing a professional relationship, and ultimately “getting fit” is not easy. It takes time. It takes persistence. It takes commitment. Your credible fitness coach will be the first to let you know, if you want to reach your goals, it will take dedication inside and outside of the gym to get to the finish line.

When working with your qualified NYC fitness professional you will spend valuable time and money from session-to-session and it will primarily depend on you to get the best results. If you consistently follow the advice and coaching of your highly sought after personal trainer, they will get you to your goals as promised.


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